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Italik was pleased to sponsor the recent CSE2017 event held in Leeds on 18th October. With a range of high quality speakers from psychologists to technologists, lawyers and comedians, it was an interesting and thought provoking day for the 200+ attendees.  It also reinforced the importance of Cyber Security Awareness training.

Key points that we took away from the conference were:

  • The growth of digital citizenship. People’s responsibility for IT security and how organisations need to consider how to develop a secure culture and get people to care.
  • The scale of the cyber-crime.  This is committed by highly organised and effective crime syndicates and is no longer the domain of bedroom hackers
  • Humans aren’t consistent.  They are therefore the biggest risk area in information security, they make mistakes, get bored and cut corners, not out of malice but usually because they want to get their job done.
  • Cloud is not a solution to GDPR.  Every organisation needs to be clear on where the responsibilities lie and putting everything into the cloud doesn’t absolve organisations of their GDPR responsibility.
  • GDPR is an opportunity to get your data in order

In line with this thinking that human error and lack of awareness pose some of  the biggest risks to organisations, Italik is pleased to announce its new Cyber Security Awareness Training.

Italik can now provide two different levels of tailored training. For staff we provide a basic introduction to cyber awareness to ensure that your team members are aware of the importance of cyber security.  We cover how they could be attacked and simple steps that can be taken to protect themselves and the organisation. This training can be delivered in the classroom and is also available as an online course broken down into small bite-sized blocks.

We can also provide a course in Cyber Awareness Training for Managers.  This consists of basic user awareness training as well as training around the need for managers to reinforce messages.  We also cover areas of possible staff resistance, and basic protective steps to take from a management perspective.

Both training courses can be tailored to meet your individual company requirements and policies.  They are delivered using a combination of face to face and online training. The onsite training consists of interactive presentations with a short test at the end. Handouts give a glossary of terms and top tips to minimising the ongoing threat of cybercrime.

Contact us if you’d like to discuss your requirements for awareness training.

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