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Workforce Analytics


Skyrocket Productivity

With a majority of businesses expected to go remote in the next 10 years, a solution for hybrid and remote workforce management is needed now more than ever. ActivTrak is a productivity software-as-a-service providing data driven insights through through intuitive reports and dashboards to improve workforce productivity and operational efficiency. Gain insights that help empower your people, increase productivity, reduce risk and spark healthy work habits.

 ActivTrak takes the manual work out of analyzing data points and allows for accurate trend analysis, prediction of future outcomes, and actionable insights.

Key Features


Tune into key trends. A quick at-a-glance summary of workforce performance and productivity trends. Everything you need to start your analysis of workforce productivity and operational efficiency.

Productivity Reports

Spot patterns that fuel success. Gain valuable insights and increase team productivity. These out-of-the-box reports enable you to drill down by date range, users, computers, and other criteria to quickly discover trends.

Team Productivity

Immediately see user and team productivity and availability status via an at-a-glance dashboard.

Workload Management

Uncover hidden potential. View key insights across people, process and technology to help your organization increase productivity, reduce risk, optimize work, and ensure healthy work habits.

Productivity Coaching

Guidance and resources you need to create a culture that empowers employees to achieve big goals.


Easily integrate ActivTrak productivity data with your other software applications to get the deeper insights you need to boost productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

Personal Insights

Empower employees to improve productivity, focus, and work-life balance by providing deep insights into individual work habits.

Data Privacy Controls

Safeguard data privacy and confidentiality to ease employee concerns

How it works?

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Service Desk Engineer

Job Description:

  • Provide first point of contact to Italik customers primarily
    onsite but also remotely for infrastructure support. 
  • Work as part of a team to deliver IT Support to our
    customer database under the guidelines of ITIL.
  • Assist on project work where required under the guidance
    of the Project Manager. 
  • Ensure customers are provided with quality support.

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