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Are your staff the weakest link?

Security Training

Staff awareness and security training

The cyber security of any organisation can only ever be as strong as its weakest link. The biggest vulnerabilities of a system are not necessarily found within hardware or software, but rather with the people who use it.

So how can we ensure our staff don’t unwittingly let cyber criminals in?

To train a large number of employees can be expensive and very time consuming. You will need to deliver training that helps to change staff awareness and behaviour but that is also cost effective too.

Italik has developed an online training system that can help to ensure your staff are aware of how they can prevent cyber-attacks.

Our online training system gives a basic introduction to cyber awareness to ensure that staff are aware of the importance of cyber security, how they could be attacked and simple steps that can be taken to protect themselves and the organisation. The training is delivered online using our Learning Management System and is delivered in bite-sized chunks ensuring that employees can take advantage of the training within their working schedules. In addition to the core content, the LMS can be tailored to meet your individual company requirements and cover your own policies and procedures too.

  • Delivering training online reduces the cost of delivery and increases employee engagement with the training
  • Short training modules capture attention and are more manageable, and recall is greater too
  • A short test at the end of each module ensures that the content has been understood and identifies any areas where understanding is lacking
  • Management console gives an overview of who has completed which training to ensure that everyone has complied with your training requirements

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Job Description:

  • Provide first point of contact to Italik customers primarily
    onsite but also remotely for infrastructure support. 
  • Work as part of a team to deliver IT Support to our
    customer database under the guidelines of ITIL.
  • Assist on project work where required under the guidance
    of the Project Manager. 
  • Ensure customers are provided with quality support.

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