Cisco Duo

Secure users’ identities and their applications

The workforce today relies heavily on a variety of programs and platforms for productivity, and it can be complex to provide on-demand access to these tools without compromising on security. Luckily, Cisco Duo safely puts essential applications at your users’ fingertips. It allows your users to choose the best method for the second form of authentication at business-level security.

Cisco Duo provides a multi-factor security solution that balances usability with stronger authentication. It provides users with a secure, single sign-on; a streamlined login experience that is backed by impenetrable information security. Two-factor authentication is the easiest and most effective way to verify the identity of your users and the security strength of their devices before they connect to your applications.

Watch the video to learn more about multi-factor authentication from Duo.

Verify user identity quickly and easily.

Secure any application on any device.

Easily deploy Duo in any environment effectively.

Provides zero trust security for your workforce.

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