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            Cisco Cloud Mailbox Defence

What is Cloud Mailbox Defense?

Cloud Mailbox Defence is an integrated cloud-native security solution for Microsoft 365 that focuses on the simple deployment, powerful search, quick remediation, superior visibility, and best-in-class efficacy from Cisco Talos. It addresses gaps in Microsoft 365 security by blocking advanced email threats like ransomware, BEC, phishing, spoofing, and spam by leveraging proven Cisco Email Security technologies.

Cloud Email Protections for Microsoft 365

Cloud mail defence is powered by superior threat intelligence from Cisco Talos, the Cisco threat research team. Talos provides a 24-hour view into global traffic activity, uncovers new threats and monitors traffic trends.

Common Email Threats

  • Ransomware
  • Phishing
  • Malware
  • Spam
  • Domain Compromise
  • Account Takeover
  • Internal Threats
  • Spoofing

90% of breaches occur by email, and cloud email platforms like Microsoft 365 do not necessarily have security that complies. Built-in security is not enough, meaning it is best to add an extra layer of security.

Take Control of your Mailboxes

Supplement your mail security and gain visibility without altering your email flow or spending time on in-depth technical training. Cloud Mailbox can see all your mail, internal and external, without requiring changes to your MX records or interrupting the regular delivery of messages. By using native Microsoft 365 APIs, Cloud Mailbox Defense can quickly remediate threats using the most modern and effective tools available.

Key features:

Microsoft 365 security

Cloud Mailbox adds an additional layer of security to native Microsoft 365 email security.

Protect against targeted attacks

A security layer that is always switched on and protecting you against threats.

Deploy quickly

Protection is added instantly with a quick setup wizard, complete within 5 minutes.

Cloud native solution

A true API-driven cloud solution that automatically scales resources based on demand and can be deployed quickly across regions for global scale.

Clear email visibility

Cloud Mailbox scans all messages in the mailbox in all directions–inbound, outbound, or internal. It allows administrators to search messages across all mailboxes.

Performs threat analysis

It is pre-integrated with the Cisco SecureX threat response casebook to record, organize, and share a set of observables of interest.

Great data protection and privacy

The security engine runs in the Microsoft Azure cloud and sends only the verdicts and email metadata to the CMD platform.

Ordering and Support

A single subscription SKU is used to select the number of seats (minimum 25) and subscription term (1, 3, or 5 years.) High-Value Support Services is included by default.
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