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Example of Microsoft Copilot in Word

Post-Webinar Insights

We hope you enjoyed our recent webinar on May 23rd, diving into the world of Microsoft Copilot and its incredible features. For those who missed it, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered with a recap of it’s capabilities and how it can revolutionize your workflow.

Copilot Chat: Your Personal Assistant

Want an assistant at your fingertips? It understands your priorities and organization, assisting with tasks across your files, meetings, chats, emails, and even the web. Ask questions and let itdo the rest.

Key Features: Get Important Work Done, Faster

Quickly Get Up to Speed on Projects

It makes catching up on projects a breeze. Create summaries and lists of key points in an instant by using prompts like ‘Summarize emails about [X project]’ or ‘Tell me more about [specific aspect of the project]’. Copilot puts all your meeting, chat, and email histories within reach.

Collate Information and Insights

No more digging through piles of documents. It can do the heavy lifting for you. Use prompts like ‘Explain the key differences between [product] and [product]’ to gather information from across your applications in seconds.

Create New Documents from Multiple Sources

It isn’t limited to a single document. Pull data from multiple sources and tie it together in a new document. Use prompts like ‘Look at [Doc 1] and [Doc 2], and identify 3-4 common themes’ to get started.

Prepare for Upcoming Meetings

Stay ahead of your meetings by letting it do the legwork. Use prompts such as ‘Help me get ready for my next 1:1 with my manager by summarizing recent conversations with them’ to arrive prepared and confident.

Take Action: Copilot Readiness Assessment

Ready to harness the power of Copilot for your organization? Take the next step with our Copilot Readiness Assessment which we are offering for free until the end of June! Gain valuable insights tailored to your organization’s needs and discover how Copilot can enhance your efficiency and productivity.

To learn more and schedule your Copilot Readiness Assessment, click here.

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