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Cyber Security is a challenge faced by organisations of all sizes today regardless of the nature of their business……and security breaches are a case of ‘when’ not ‘if’.  However, scaremongering isn’t helpful as organisations need to know what practical steps they can take to minimise the risks.

Despite the absence of a “silver bullet” that will mitigate all risks, there are sensible precautions that all businesses can take.  We will take a look at the basic information risk management steps that can stop up to 80% of the cyber-attacks seen today.

The seminar agenda will cover the top “10 Steps to Cyber Security Management”  which is based on the GCHQ recommendations. The seminar will look at some practical steps to manage cyber risk and also cover the legal implications associated with cyber risk. This will help you to understand how to address the threats that UK businesses face on a daily basis.

This joint seminar between Yorkshire-based IT security specialist, Italik, leading solicitors Clarion, and world security technology specialists CISCO should provide plenty of food for thought.

When?               Tuesday 22nd March 2016 8.30-10.30am

Where?               Clarion,  Elizabeth House, 13-19 Queen Street, Leeds LS1 2TW


To register for your place or if you have any questions regarding the event please contact Marlise Blake on 01937 848380 or via email at [email protected]




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