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Security is Everything

Our proactive managed IT support service is a monthly subscription-based facility that offers multiple features for businesses to fix and avoid any IT issues. This will allow your business to stay focused and carry on with day-to-day activities with peace of mind.

Any IT issues will be assessed and resolved in real-time either on-site or remotely. You will be kept informed of exactly how all your devices are doing security-wise and as a business overall.

Want to assess your businesses current cyber-security situation? Take our ’10 Steps of Cyber-Security quiz’.

The average mean cost of a cyber breach for businesses is £11,000 this figure includes, ransom payments, hardware replacements, and indirect factors. Don’t wait for your business to take a hit, act now.

Our Standard Features

Everything you need to work safely and stay productive

IT Service Desk

Quick, friendly and effective support to meet all your needs

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Workstation Management

Remote workstation management for proactive issue resolution

Automated Patching

Automated patching OS and application patching and reporting

Endpoint Protection

Business-grade endpoint protection from viruses, malware, ransomware and other threats

Internet Services

Filter, control and protect access to the web and other internet services

Monitor Licences

Monitor Microsoft 365 usage, including active users, privileged accounts and licenses

Monitor Workstations

Monitor workstations, network devices and printers to gain visibility

Monitor Web Domains

Monitor your web domains for certificate issues

Monitor Dark Web

Monitor the dark web for compromised credentials and stop credential-related cybercrime before it starts

Secure Access Management

Secure identity and access management for your staff using MFA, SSO, and password vaults

eLearning Management

Access to a wider range of Cybersecurity and other business online training

Identify Risks

Identifies all risks from misconfigurations, network vulnerabilities, and user threats