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Day #3 User Education and Awareness

By 12th November 2015Italik News


93% of DPA breaches are caused by human error

People: the weakest link in the cyber security chain. The Information Commissioner’s Office reported that 93% of incidents it investigated in Q4 of 2014-15 were caused by human error.

Are your employees aware of your policies, and are they enforced?

Unfortunately the use made by employees of an organisation’s Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) brings with it various risks. It is critical for all staff to be aware of their personal security responsibilities and the requirement to comply with corporate security policies. This can be achieved through systematic delivery of a security training and awareness programme that actively seeks to increase the levels of security expertise and knowledge across the organisation as well as a security-conscious culture.

Italik can support you with:

  • Security policy creation and review
  • Online training
  • Onsite training

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