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 Fusion-io Hybrid Storage

Fusion-io hybrid storage system provisions performance for multiple applications independently of capacity, delivering the near performance of an all-flash array at the price of a hybrid system. With ioMemory and ioControl software, data moves transparently between high performance and low cost storage media, with dynamic low latency flash caching for both writes and reads.

  • Predictable Performance with Storage QoS
  • Predictable Growth
  • Service Levels for Total Control
  • The Lowest £/GB and £/IOP
  • Maximum Utilization of Storage Resources

Not all solid-state solutions are created equal. Fusion-io offers you the only midrange hybrid storage solution to offer the performance and reliability of PCIe SSD:

  • Extraordinary write limit. With Fusion-io, the SSDs support 275X more data being written as compared to Intel SATA/SAS SSD.
  • Active-Active architecture. Fusion-io uses dual-ported NL SAS disks rather than single-ported SATA drives; this enables us to implement a robust Active-Active architecture and avoid any single point of failures at the drive connection.
  • 22x more IO. Other hybrid vendors have implemented solid-state behind the storage controller – Fusion-io PCIe implementation provides 22x more IO than SSDs behind legacy storage controllers:
    – 5X faster bit transfer rate than SATA/SAS SSD
    – 5X faster reads than SATA/SAS SSD
    – 4.6X faster writes than Netlist NVRAM (capacitor backed memory device)
    – 2X lower latency (50/50 R/W)

Read the recent Whitepaper by John Tolly from Tolly Group as he discusses their independent testing results comparing the performance of two different hybrid storage systems – Fusion ioControl Hybrid Storage using PCIe flash and a conventional hybrid architecture using NVRAM plus SSDs. You’ll learn how and where the performance of these two hybrid architectures differ and what it means to your customers application environment.

Read the Tolly Group report…

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