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With the introduction of the new GDPR regulations nearly upon us, many organisations will be wondering exactly what it means for every day business activities. 
Robert Field, Italik’s Managing Director, has a fairly forthright view. “While protection of personal data is clearly important, the noise created around GDPR has been incredibly confusing for organisations. The focus on personal data has been a bit of a distraction and reduces the emphasis on what’s really important.”
Earlier this year, Italik launched Security First, an initiative that helps free organisations to succeed and grow by building strong security foundations. “For too long, network security has been allowed to constrain businesses, when it should be enabling them to improve performance and support growth. GDPR has just added to the challenge.” 
According to Field “GDPR addresses personal data but, frankly, that’s just one part of the data risk to any organisation. All these threats are a business risk and we need to focus on the bigger picture. And the most critical consideration for most organisations is to understand what that bigger picture looks like.”
One of Italik’s initiatives is Security First Assessments, a suite of tools that provide insight as to an organisations data landscape. “If you don’t know what you have, how can you work out how to protect it?” says Field.”You need to continually assess, because threats are continually evolving, so you must evolve with them.”
“The reality is that GDPR will look after itself, if you put the right security strategy in place. Of course, there are particular requirements of the new regulations but the biggest issue regarding data breaches is detection.” The Security First assessment suite includes tools for continual monitoring, so breaches can be identified and the appropriate actions taken. 
A number of Italik’s Security First Assessments are free. “We’re committed to our Security First principles, but we firmly believe in putting our money where our mouth is. By providing free assessments, we demonstrate a commitment to our customers, help define the risk landscape and provide a foundation for organisations to build on.”
Field is on a mission to make sure organisations fully understand what’s important to them. “Our aim is ‘Business as Usual’. We don’t let security constrain, but use it to release businesses to operate freely and to achieve their goals. Security First is a business enabler and we want to enable as many business as we can.”


What Next?

Italik are hosting two events during May, in Manchester and in Leeds, where industry leaders will share their vision for Digital Business and how Security First can help. If you’d like to attend, you can register here.


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