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New partnership with leading access rights management tool 8MAN 

By 3rd March 2015April 1st, 2015Our Partners

8Man Gold Partner

Italik is pleased to announce a partnership with leading Access Rights Management supplier 8MAN, which further expands our portfolio of leading-edge security solutions.

Organisations faced with the challenge of massive growth in unstructured data and understanding who has access to what can now use 8MAN to simplify this process. 8MAN gives data owners within an organisation an easy-to-use visualisation of who has access to what.

Active Directory is used by many organisations to keep track of users’ accounts and passwords in a protected location. However Active Directory management can quickly become very complex as end users move roles, departments or even leave the organisation.

8MAN ensures a high level of control, securing companies from within, and making sure that all employee access rights are managed and documented. 8MAN can help in key areas such as legal compliance (for example, the Public Service Network compliance requirements within the public sector). It can also help organisations who are migrating from server-based to cloud solutions to audit where they are now, before moving forwards.

In addition, cost savings can be achieved elsewhere by ensuring that only the required number of software licences are bought for active users, and there are also time savings to be had in the time taken to manage Active Directory.

As Andi Robinson, Sales Director for 8MAN UK explains “We are delighted to have Italik on board as a trusted Partner for 8MAN in the UK. We look forward to working together to bring the benefits of 8MAN to Italik’s customers.”

About 8MAN and protected-networks was founded in Berlin in 2009 and develops 8MAN, an integrated software solution for access rights management in Windows environments. With installations from 14 to 300,000 users, 8MAN has over 500 global customers across all vertical markets.