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For organisations wishing to move to a Managed Security Service, it can be hard to know where to start.

Italik’s simple, web-hosted Managed Security Assessment can help clients to better understand their security landscape, highlight areas that need attention and provide them with the next steps to strengthen their defences.

According to Channel Futures in 2018 just over £18 billion was spent by organisations looking to outsource their online security to MSP’s, a figure that is set to double by 2023.

Clients who have not already decided to move to Managed Security Service Provision might have the following concerns:
• Not sure outsourcing to an MSSP is right for them
• An MSSP could be too expensive
• Unsure where to start on the MSSP journey.

At Italik, we advise taking the simplest step first; working out whether MSSP is right for an organisation. Our Managed Security Assessment is a simple tool that will highlight any gaps in an organisation’s current security infrastructure before advising on effective next steps. Hosted by a specialist from the Italik security team, the session lasts no more than a couple of hours. And following the session, clients are provided with an Italik Managed Security Assessment to keep.

With over 20 years of experience in the Technology Security industry, Italik understands the range of problems that organisations are facing relating to IT security. We believe in a Security First approach to growing your organisation. This means ensuring the foundation of your business is secure before turning your attention to your growth strategy.

Here are nine reasons we think that organisations should seriously consider an MSSP:

  1. Save money: Save money on potential breaches and costs associated with new technology and software
  2. Focus on your core business: When you know the security of your business is taken care of, you can turn your attention to the ‘bread & butter’ of your organisation – the reason you got into business in the first place!
  3. Experienced Experts: With an MSSP your organisation is safe in the hands of dedicated, experienced experts. Their business is protecting yours.
  4. Superior Protection: Enjoy greater levels of security than if you tackled the problem yourself.
  5. Advanced Technology: Enjoy deployment of newer products and software that will protect your organisation without worrying about your bottom line
  6. Rapid Response: Should a breach occur, you’ll benefit from a rapid response that will stop an attack in its tracks faster than if you were operating in-house. Plus protection that operates constantly 24/7/365
  7. Risk Management & Compliance: No longer worry about ensuring you are compliant. An MSSP does all the due diligence for you!
  8. Annexe your team: Enjoy the knowledge that you have essentially annexed your team without enduring the costs associated with hiring and retaining an individual or team of people in-house.
  9. Level the Playing Field: Enjoy levels of security protection previously only enjoyed by larger organisations leaving you to chase those bigger fish and grow your business.

By completing an Italik Managed Security Services Assessment, organisations are able to fully explore the options and make a decision based on a detailed assessment.

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