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IT Security Specialist, Italik, has today launched its Vulnerability Scanning as a Service.

This regular monthly vulnerability scanning service uses Qualys (a world-leading scanning software) and identifies the vulnerabilities in clients’ IT systems.  Qualys provides a cloud-based service that gives immediate, global visibility into where your IT systems might be vulnerable to the latest threats and how to protect against them.

The monthly service allows us to continuously monitor for threats and unexpected changes before they turn into breaches.  It means that we are able to quickly and easily detect vulnerabilities on our clients’ network with minimal demands on their time and resources.

Regular reports that prioritise critical vulnerabilities allow our clients to target their remediation activities, improving their security position and reducing the risk of attacks.

The key benefits are as follows:

  • Save Time – Italik consultants will configure and run the scanning service for you on a regular basis (usually monthly or as required)
  • Use our Expertise – Italik can provide expert advice and assistance on vulnerability detection and remediation
  • Reporting – regular reports identify and provide detail on your critical vulnerabilities and provide executive summaries for senior management.

So why is Vulnerability Scanning so important?

1in 3 security breaches explit a known vulnerability, and so regular vulnerabiity scanning identifies known security threats before attackers find them in your intrastructure.  As new vulnerabilities are found every day it’s really important to stay up to date with regular scans – this isn’t a once and done activity.  Patching vulnerabilities can significantly reduce your risk of being breached.  And it rates as one of the top CIS Security Controls too!

If you’d like to receive a free sample scan – simply complete the request form

Or request your copy of the free eBook – Vulnerability Management for Dummies

For further information please contact us.

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