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The Shadow Brokers have released a cache of Cyber tools / Exploits that they claim have been stolen from the NSA’s Equation Group (a USA state-sponsored hacking team)

These tools and exploits were originally put up for auction, however they received little legitimate interest in selling them.  So, last week they published the password for the cache of exploits (they are old, but will still work against un-patched machines.)

Since the release on Thursday, these exploits have been used heavily by ‘Script-Kiddies’

(people with some technical skills, but not professional hackers) who use the tools that are available for download to exploit systems.  As expected at Italik we have started seeing a lot more infections across older and un-patched systems.

If you’re not sure that your systems are up to date with the latest system updates, contact Italik to find out about our Security Audit service.

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