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Advanced Security

Security in the IT sense relates to the protection of information and systems against unauthorised access or modification. This can range from the ubiquitous firewall preventing unwanted access to your network, to the identification of all users and devices connecting through to your systems.

The explosion of iPads, iPhones and other mobile equipment alongside users demands for more flexible ways of working is in danger of leaving IT behind. This is leading to a desire for what is commonly called ‘Martini Computing’ – any time, any place, anywhere, access to information and the idea of the borderless network.

Every business will have in place some kind of basic firewall. However, many of today’s threats to your network are likely to originate from malicious web sites or emails; effectively sidestepping your firewall’s defences. An enterprise class firewall is essential as the first line of defence, but this now needs to be reinforced with intrusion prevention and threat detection techniques. Cloud based web and email filtering will further enhance your network security, to provide a safe and controlled environment for your users.

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The service provided by Italik has been excellent both from a technical perspective and also from a customer service point of view. I would strongly recommend Italik to any council and also the private sector as well.

Andrew Buckle
Head of IT
Rossendale Borough Council

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