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        Cybershield Secure Managed IT Support

Italik are a trusted IT consultancy based in Wetherby near Leeds, West Yorkshire. We provide secure, managed IT support services to businesses around the UK, especially within the Yorkshire area. Though we can assist your business needs wherever you may be located.  We have a highly qualified and skilled team, who have been in the business for over 20 years.

We understand that each business is unique and their IT support needs will be different, which is why we can support your company with the best service possible. We take our client’s cybersecurity very seriously, with strict IT security, keeping our clients as safe as possible at all times. We’ll cover all your technology needs!

Our IT Support Services

Monitor Workstations

Monitor workstations, network devices and printers to gain visibility

Workstation Management

Remote workstation management for proactive issue resolution

Automated Workstation

Automated workstation OS and application patching and reporting

Endpoint Protection

Business-grade endpoint protection from viruses, malware, ransomware and other threats

Internet Services

Filter, control and protect access to the web and other internet services

Monitor Licences

Monitor Microsoft 365 usage, including active users, privileged accounts and licenses

Monitor Services

Monitor other Microsoft cloud services, including Azure, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams

Monitor Web Domains

Monitor your web domains for certificate issues

Monitor Dark Web

Monitor the dark web for compromised credentials and stop credential-related cybercrime before it starts

Secure Access Management

Secure identity and access management for your staff using MFA, SSO, and password vaults


Access to a wider range of Cybersecurity and other business online training

Identify Risks

Identifies all risks from misconfigurations, network vulnerabilities, and user threats

Client Testimonial

Camira Fabrics and Italik have enjoyed a long-standing partnership together dating back to around 1999. At Camira we strongly value the technical advice, guidance and support provided by Italik, effectively making them our 3rd line team.

Support issues, quote requests and opportunities to “talk tech” are responded to promptly.  Being able to share and discuss our technology roadmaps and bounce future ideas around together is a great benefit to us of our relationship from working with Italik and keeping the Camira IT teams knowledge up to date.

David Oakes
Director of ICT, Camira

Don’t let your business slow down with IT Issues

You should not get distracted by IT issues, which can result in a loss of focus on your business. We can help you by relieving the burden of IT and increase your productivity, meaning you can then work on building your business seamlessly with peace of mind. We will provide proactive IT support services for your business.

Let us assess and resolve any issues in real-time, either on-site or remotely. From issues with single workstations, network problems, to server troubles affecting multiple services, we’ll get to the root of the problem quickly no matter when they occur.

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Looking for Friendly IT Support?

Italik delivers quick, friendly, and effective support to our clients and is renowned for the significant value we provide. Our friendly and professional team help you when needed, offering your business peace of mind. Whether it’s a complete turnkey solution or simply the need for occasional expert support, we are able to help.

All-InclusiveNo Bronze, Silver or Gold

£ 20.00

User per Month

No caps on the number of hours, or additional charges for site visits. The price you see is fully inclusive.

Why work with Italik…


We will not charge you astronomical prices like some of our competitors.

Excellent Customer Service

Our Technical team are dedicated to keeping our customers happy.

Proactive Approach

Our ongoing general maintenance and monitoring help to prevent any IT problems, rather than just solve them.


We carry the Cyber Essentials certification and ISO27001 accreditation.

IT Service Helpdesk

Access to experienced IT specialists who work around the clock when you need their support.

Scalable Solutions

Our large teams’ knowledge and experience means our IT services can grow with your business.


Switching to our Managed IT Support


You might not be happy with your current IT provider, or perhaps you have always looked after it internally, or you are just looking for assistance and help with the current lockdown. Whatever the situation, we believe that speaking to us will be time well spent.

Give us a call today on 01937 848 380 for a friendly chat about how we can make it easier for you and your business.

We work with all types of organisations and we are a fully independent company delivering a comprehensive, affordable, and professionally Managed IT service to support your business.


If you’re interested in our CyberShield Secure Managed IT Support, book a call with our expert team. Contact us

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Service Desk Engineer

Job Description:

  • Provide first point of contact to Italik customers primarily
    onsite but also remotely for infrastructure support. 
  • Work as part of a team to deliver IT Support to our
    customer database under the guidelines of ITIL.
  • Assist on project work where required under the guidance
    of the Project Manager. 
  • Ensure customers are provided with quality support.

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