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In a time of increasingly sophisticated attacks, and a network that is expanding through an explosion of the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile, and cloud, keeping an organization secure is more than most security teams can handle. In addition, the typical security architecture is often so complex, it makes detecting and remediating threats inefficient, and not entirely effective. Security teams must look across multiple security technologies in order to investigate and mitigate threats, which is cumbersome and time consuming. So how do you stay on top of security threats to keep your organization safe—simply, quickly, and effectively?

Cisco Threat Response pulls together industry-leading global threat intelligence with local context and telemetry and first-strike response capabilities from Cisco and third-party data sources and security products to detect, investigate, and remediate threats fast. Skip all the manual effort that goes into investigating and respond to incidents quickly in a single console. Threat hunting involves going beyond what we already know or have been alerted to. Security software only alerts us to the risks and behaviors that we know are malicious. Threat hunting is about venturing into the unknown.

Threat hunting is an active security exercise, with the intent of finding and rooting out attackers that have penetrated your environment without raising the alarm. This is in contrast to traditional investigations and responses that stem from alerts that appear after potentially malicious activity has been detected.

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