Do you know where your vulnerabilities lie?

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Can you quickly and easily carry out vulnerability scanning on your network with minimal demands on your time and resources?

Italik’s regular monthly vulnerability scanning services use Qualys (leading scanning software) that identifies the vulnerabilities in your IT systems.  This cloud-based service gives immediate, global visibility into where your IT systems might be vulnerable to the latest threats.  You can then use this information to help protect them.

We can continuously monitor for threats and unexpected changes before they turn into breaches.

Our regular reports help you to prioritise critical vulnerabilities.  This allows you to target your remediation activities, improving your security position and reducing the risk of attacks.

  • Save Time – Italik consultants will configure and run the scanning service for you on a regular basis (usually monthly)
  • Use our Expertise – Italik can provide expert advice and assistance on vulnerability detection and remediation
  • Reporting – regular reports provide detail on your critical vulnerabilities and provide executive summaries for senior management.

Enter your details on the webform to receive your free sample Vulnerability Scan report and find out where your critical vulnerabilities could be.  This will test your external vulnerabilities on two IP addresses and we will send you the sample report.

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