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An increase in cloud-based services has led to a greater need for more security tools. ARGOS is a SaaS that detects and remediates misconfigurations of cloud assets within minutes. These misconfigurations can happen for various reasons. Not to mention Argos only takes minutes to configure – It saves your teams time by automatically investigating every detection. What can easily take a person hours, Argos can do in seconds.

ARGOS monitors all your cloud providers around the clock, and delivers a complete, real-time view of your cloud security posture in a single pane. CSPM, CASM and CIEM in one product. Taking your business from zero to secure within minutes.

CPSM, CASM, and CIEM in one product means you save hours of work every week, and notice improvements in your Cloud Security almost instantly.

More about Argos

  • Detect Security Issues – Continuous, automated scanning of cloud environments the Mean Time to Detection (MTTD) of critical cloud security issues is reduced from days or months to minutes.
  • Understand Security Issues – Focus work and effort on the most critical cloud security issues. ARGOS applies environmental context to prioritise issues, going beyond simple “Red, Amber, Green” criticalities.
  • Agentless Monitoring – ARGOS is absolutely agentless and requires no installation of any kind of software in order to monitor any cloud environment.
  • ITSM Integration – (Teams Only).
  • Chat Integrations – In a few clicks you can easily send notifications to teams on Microsoft Teams or Slack. Simple to configure.
  • Fix Security Issues – Built-in remediation capability without the need to deploy any extra infrastructure ensures that issues are fixed promptly.
  • Multi-cloud visibility – Gain visibility of the security posture of multi-cloud environments and complex architectures using flexible filters that apply across Azure, AWS and GCP. Also sends notifications to teams on Slack or Microsoft Teams in just a few clicks.
  • Cloud system update – ARGOS scan rules are continually updated to ensure that your cloud environment is secure.
  • Multi Agent Accessibility – Provide unlimited team members access to ARGOS by assigning them the right permissions.

ARGOS is ready to go within a few minutes and requires no or only minimal change to an environment. ARGOS has shown to save you time and effort when creating cloud security and compliance assessments. Instead of relying on custom scripts or native services that need to be configured first, ARGOS works with it right away and achieves the same output no matter what.

If you have any questions about ARGOS, we would like to help.

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