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Managed IT Support (CyberShield)

Fixed price, all inclusive, next generation desktop support dedicated to solve all your IT problems.

All your IT needs in one package

Welcome to our proactive managed IT support service, a comprehensive monthly subscription-based solution designed to address and prevent any IT issues that may arise within your business. With a range of features tailored to optimize your IT infrastructure, our service enables you to maintain focus on your day-to-day operations with confidence and peace of mind.

Experience seamless resolution of IT issues in real-time, whether on-site or through remote assistance. Our dedicated team ensures prompt assessment and resolution, minimizing downtime and disruptions to your workflow.

Furthermore, stay informed about the security status of all your devices and the overall health of your business. We provide transparent insights into your security posture, empowering you to make informed decisions to safeguard your operations. Partner with us for reliable, proactive IT support that allows your business to thrive without the burden of IT challenges.

Great Service at an Outstanding Value


Our allinclusivefixed-pricenext-generation CyberShield desktop support means you know what you are paying for; all in one package. No caps on the number of hours, or additional charges for site visits. The price is fully inclusive and unbeatable, we charge a fixed price of

£25 per user/per month

and no hidden fees.

What’s Included

IT Service Desk

Quick, friendly and effective support to meet all your needs


Workstation Management

Remote workstation management for proactive issue resolution

Automated Patching

Automated patching OS and application patching and reporting

Endpoint Protection

Business-grade endpoint protection from viruses, malware, ransomware and other threats

Internet Services

Filter, control and protect access to the web and other internet services

Monitor Licenses

Monitor Microsoft 365 usage, including active users, privileged accounts and licenses

Monitor Workstations

Monitor workstations, network devices and printers to gain visibility

Monitor Web Domains

Monitor your web domains for certificate issues

Monitor Dark Web

Monitor the dark web for compromised credentials and stop credential-related cybercrime before it starts

Secure Access Management

Secure identity and access management for your staff using MFA, SSO, and password vaults

eLearning Management

Access to a wider range of Cybersecurity and other business online training

Identify Risks

Identifies all risks from misconfigurations, network vulnerabilities, and user threats

Don’t just take our word for it

““After some issues with our previous IT support supplier, we reached out to Italik towards the end of 2021. The support we have received has been exceptional. The team are very helpful when we require their services, reacting promptly and successfully hitting our SLA’s. At the same time, Italik provides clarity and guidance along with our contract.

We have regular, proactive meetings with Italik. This provides me with faith and trust in their expertise and knowledge. We have confidence in knowing they will go above and beyond when help is needed. We are very happy with our support contract and would highly recommend them to any business.””

Alex Birch Senior Technical Support Co-ordinator at 2plan

Why CyberShield?


We will not charge your astronomical prices.

Excellent Service

Our technical team is dedicated to keeping our customers happy.

Proactive Approach

CyberShield is a unique take on IT Support which helps to prevent any IT problems, rather than just solve them.


We are fully accredited by Cyber Essentials and ISO.


Access to experienced IT specialists who work around the clock when you need their support.

Scalable Solutions

Our enterprise experience and knowledge allows us to tailor IT solutions to fit your businesses needs.

See It For Yourself?


Have a look at an example end-of-month service desk report, we will produce a similar  report for your business on a monthly basis to ensure you are satisfied with our services.

How Secure is your Data?

Want to assess your businesses current cyber-security situation? Take our ’10 Steps of Cyber-Security quiz’.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Cybershield IT Support?

Cybershield is Italiks unique secure managed IT Support which provides everything you and your teams needs to stay safe and productive whilst working online.

How can Cybershield IT Support help us?

Italik delivers quick, friendly and effective support to our clients and is renowned for the significant value we provide. Our friendly and professional team help you when needed, offering your business peace of mind. We offer a range of services that combine our experience and knowledge with the latest monitoring and diagnostic tools to help us predict, identify and resolve IT issues quickly and efficiently.

Our flexible approach allows us to tailor a support solution that best suits your company needs. Whether it’s a complete turnkey solution or simply the need for occasional expert support, Italik is able to help.

What is the difference between Managed IT support and Security services?

Our Cybershield Managed IT Support is a contractual service which renews on a monthly basis and includes all the services listed at a fixed price. Our security services are individual services which are designed and scaled custom for your businesses needs and are usually based on a short-term contract.

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We’re Fully Accredited

We only work with the best

What is a Free IT Audit?


During our complimentary audit call, we’ll delve into your current situation to identify the most suitable solutions and support for your specific needs. Our goal is to uncover strategies that not only address your challenges effectively but also optimize your IT expenditure. With our tailored approach, rest assured that your IT concerns will be expertly managed, freeing you to focus on your business without the worry of IT disruptions.

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