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Discover the power of seamless communication – explore our Managed Communication Services today.

Elevate Your Connectivity

Where seamless connectivity meets unparalleled reliability. In today’s dynamic business landscape, effective communication is the cornerstone of success. Elevate your organization’s connectivity game with our cutting-edge solutions tailored to meet the demands of your business. Our solutions are comprehensive and varied offering tools designed to optimize collaboration, enhance productivity and fortify your communication infrastructure.

Our scalable services are designed to meet the needs of businesses in any size, whether you are a small startup or a larger organisation. Trust Italik to keep your communication channels secure, robust and always operational.

Why Italik?

  • Cloud-based solution.
  • Accessible in 74+ Countries.
  • Maximum uptime.
  • Flexible (No long-term contract).
  • Rates are at or below competitor rates
  • Teams integration.
  • User activation.
  • User management.
  • Set route and calling policy.
  • Number management.
  • Online training.
  • Roles based.
  • Easy activation.

Our Communication Services

Teams Telephony

High-quality voice call to/from a PSTN number in Teams, from the device and location of their choice, as an integral part of their Teams workflow


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Dedicated leased lines that ensure high-performance, secure and seamless data transmission for your business-critical operations.


Lightning-fast broadband solutions designed to keep your operations running smoothly and your team collaborating seamlessly.


Robust solutions that empower your workforce with reliable, secure, and high-performance mobile connectivity

Hybrid 360° Camera

360° video capture for hybrid meetings. Providing a panoramic view of everyone in the room.


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Why your business needs Managed Comms?


Centralized management and analog device support, no need for data centers, SBC’s, upgrades, trunks, bursting or call back charges to manage.


Flexibility to opt in/out or up/down monthly in an unlimited or consumption-based plan without a committed contract.


Global mesh network and high availability data regions ensure a reliable, resilient solution with end-to-end encryption.


New countries are added monthly, with multi-currency support. Voice routes and policies are managed across five continents and data regions.

Trusted Advisor

Specialists who are motivated and prepared to understand the customer goals and environments to guide projects and deliver positive outcomes.

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