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Video Conferencing

Owl Labs

Remote Collaboration

Since the pandemic, today’s workforce is working remotely and from the office, meaning remote collaboration is today’s reality. With a new hybrid way of working, it might be difficult for companies employee’s to come together and collaborate the way they used to.

Working from anywhere (WFA) allows us all to thrive. It opens perspectives and new opportunities in our work and in our lives. Owl Labs have built the most revolutionary collaboration technology the world has ever seen. It brings video conferences and meetings closer together, with its 360 video capture. It provides a panoramic view of everyone in the room.

The Owl is a 360° camera with a microphone and speaker. It takes a panoramic view of everyone in the room, allowing you to see everybody on the video call.

Experience The Owl

Owl Labs brings your teams together, both in the office, and working remotely with its 360° camera, microphone, and speaker. The speaker picks up motion and voice activated focus. The smart video conferencing is powered by AI. It can take a panoramic view of everyone in the room. Below are some of it’s features:


  • Enables two paired meeting owls to detect the active speaker in large rooms.
  • Wirelessly syncs Owl Lab devices.
  • Modulates speaker volume for an optimal remote listening experience.
  • Regularly updates which improves features and capabilities.
  • Connects multiple Owl Lab devices to support meeting rooms of all sizes.
  • Expands pickup range of 13.5m for audio and 8.5m for video.
  • Tracks the main presenter for remote participants to follow.
  • Makes it easy to hold hybrid meetings.
  • Accessible on desktop and on a mobile App.