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Voice Calling for Teams

Microsoft Teams Telephony

14-Day Free Trial

Improve Workflow

Microsoft Teams is a popular interface used by many businesses across the globe. It gives users a dashboard to access many of their day-to-day business activity tools. Easily video call your colleagues, host video meetings, and share files and information all from the same application. Microsoft Teams Voice remains transparent to the end-user who will experience a successful, high-quality voice call to/from a PSTN number in Teams, from the device and location of their choice, as an integral part of their Teams workflow.

Get in touch to discover the best solution for your business. Receive any documentation to review and sign, leave the rest to us to manage and handle the installation of Microsoft Voice.

Why Telephony?

Why use Microsoft Teams for voice? Voice collaboration is key to communication to modernize the workplace. Over 250M customers utilize M365 with over 80M+ active daily Teams users. The phone system capabilities of Teams are robust, allowing full replacement of existing telco solutions. Check out just some of the features below:

  • Pure Cloud.
  • 74+ Countries.
  • API Toolset.
  • Maximum Uptime.
  • Product Catalog.
  • Flexible (No long-term contract).
  • Integrates with legacy PBX’s.
  • Get the app in Teams.
  • User Activation.
  • User Management.
  • Set Route and Calling Policy.
  • Online Training.

For a free 14-day trial or more information/advice about Microsoft Teams Telephony book a call with one of our representatives below.

14-Day Free Trial
Teams Manager

Flexible Working

Businesses are giving their employees the freedom to work flexibly. In return, this will provide an increase in productivity & profit. Teams Telephony reduces the number of applications users need to work effectively and presents a familiar interface to manage your business call traffic. All calls to UK local, national and UK mobile carriers are completely free of charge and unlimited.

No hardware or software

There is no hardware required or software to install and it can be set up in minutes by our support team. We can help with migrating your business telephone numbers and ensure everything is set in place, tested, and configured correctly.

Global Teams

Work anywhere in the world and receive calls on any device with Microsoft Teams. This helps businesses whose staff need to travel, work from home, or even work on the move.

Full Support

Integration and maintenance are provided by us and Support will be on hand when it is required. We can even help with free user training to ensure they gain the best experience from the solution. You can leave the technical side of it, to us.

Microsoft Azure

Has inbuilt Microsoft Azure and is Tier-D, ISO, SOC, HIPAA, EUMC, PIA and GDPR compliant. Plus, there’s no scripts and no code when using the ‘In Teams’ Voice App to migrate.