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Automated Penetration Testing


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Penetration Testing On A New Level

In today’s rapidly growing threat landscape, it is essential organisations incorporate an offensive cyber-security practice into their security framework. Identify vulnerabilities on your network, applications and infrastructure before hackers do.

Simplify the process of identifying new threats within your environment on an on-going basis without traditional challenges and concerns using vPenTest. Perform network penetration tests at any time and any frequency. Receive real-time reports, preliminary findings, notifications and more. vPenTest is here to help offer your organization more value, efficiency, consistency and convenience.

Automated Penetration Tests means monthly security assessments for your organisation. Understand your risks to cyber attacks in real-time.

Affordable, Accurate and On-Demand

vPenTest solves today’s cyber-security challenges:


It can be rather difficult to schedule a penetration test if you need a quick turnaround. vPenTest can run at any time and any frequency.


Knowing what’s going on before, during and even after an engagement is always a challenge. Real-time notifications are always sent out when vPenTest starts and stops.


In many cases organisation’s are still unsure what exactly the issues are and how the risks affect them after deliverables. vPenTest has a reporting framework that is built around quality.


Many smaller businesses can’t afford cyber-security, vPenTest prices are competitive and provide a lot more value for the same or smaller price point.

Key Features:

  • Egress Filtering Testing – Automatically performs egress filtering to ensure that your organisation is effectively restricting unnecessary outbound traffic.
  • Authentication Hacks – Automatically attempt to validate credentials and determine where they are most useful.
  • Privilege Escalation & Lateral Movement – Attempt to identify valuable and sensitive areas within your organisation through a variety of methods
  • Data Exfiltration – Simulate and log critical data leaving your organisation to test if access to this information can be attained.
  • Simulated Malware – Attempt to upload malicious code onto remote systems in an attempt to test the organisation’s end-point anti-malware controls.
  • Timely Reporting – Generates an executive summary, technical and vulnerability report within 48 hours of completion.