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Cloud Networking

Cisco Meraki

Meraki Go

A Proven Cloud Leader

Networking can be complex. Cisco Meraki makes it easier, smarter, and much faster by pushing boundaries and creating innovative solutions that will work. Cisco Meraki is a market leader in Cloud structured networking, routing, and security. It delivers easy-to-manage wireless, switching and security solutions which allow organisations to reduce operational cost and help seize any new business opportunities.

Cisco Meraki is an extraordinary multi-site wireless management tool that removes the need for complex traditional onsite wireless controllers, using just a single cloud-based control interface.

Simple, Secure, Intelligently Optimised

Cisco Meraki comes with a robust management dashboard that is accessible at any point in time, from anywhere. It requires an internet connection on your preferred device, accessibility is what the Cloud Meraki Dashboard does best, even in the event of a power outage or poor weather. Using a combination of traffic rerouting and geographical data priority, the dashboard will always remain readily available to anyone who needs to use it, no matter the circumstances.

  • Multi-site capability with quick implementation
  • Built-in intelligence and analytics
  • All-inclusive flexible licensing levels
  • Maximum security and uptime guarantee
  • Centrally managed from any point of location
  • Remote workers are online faster than ever, with zero-touch provisioning.

Watch video to learn more about Cisco Meraki: