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Cyber Certification

Cyber Essentials

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Reduce Risks of Cyber Attacks

Cyber Essentials is an effective, Government backed scheme that will help you to protect your organisation, whatever its size, against a range of the most common cyber-threats and to achieve a good standard of cyber security. Beginning cyber essentials and achieving the certification, is a great first step on your cyber security journey. It tells your customers that your business is trustworthy and secure, providing peace of mind.

During 2021, 39% of organisations suffered a data breach or attack. This figure is only based on reported breaches! Protect your customers by investing in your cyber defences!

More about Cyber Essentials:

Cyber Essentials Basic

The only UK Government cyber certification, created for SME’s to reduce their risk of the most common cyber-attacks (by 80%). Different assessment levels available; including solo, guided, and managed. Once completed you will receive a 12-month certification.

Cyber Essentials Plus

The highest level of the Cyber Essentials scheme. The certification body checks your vulnerabilities. This level must be achieved within 90 days of completing the basic level. The key difference between basic and plus is that we provide a technical audit. There are several options to help you pass. Speak to one of our experts for assistance.




GET IN TOUCH – Let us provide you with a quote depending on the size of your organisation. Tailored packages are available to suit all levels.


ACHIEVE CYBER ESSENTIALS (BASIC) CERTIFICATION - We will guide you through the full process, depending on the type of support you require.


CYBER ESSENTIALS PLUS WITH ASSURED PASS – Allow us to ensure you pass Cyber Essentials Plus first time and with ease. We do this remotely by pre-scanning your systems as many times necessary until we’re confident it reflects a ‘pass-state’.


ACHIEVE CYBER ESSENTIALS PLUS CERTIFICATION – Once you have officially passed your assessment you’ll receive your logos, certificate, and report. We then work with you on your Cyber Security roadmap ahead.


  • Reduce cyber risk by 80% – Minimises the risk of internet-based attacks. Identify the threat vulnerability before it turns into a potential breach.
  • Win tenders and new business – Required to win public tenders and is popular with the private sector.
  • Cheaper cyber insurance premiums – Makes cyber insurance providers aware you’re taking action on cyber security. Meaning your premium will be lower.
  • Better client relationships – Being certified shows your clients and partners you are committed to protecting their data.
  • A better overview of your IT – Addresses any uncertainties with internal audits and provides a clearer overview of your infrastructure. It’s like getting an MOT for your Car!
  • It’s simply a good place to start – Offers an affordable and achievable security baseline and it makes a great start on your cyber security journey.
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