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Cyber Essentials

Reduce Risks of Cyber Attacks

Cyber Essentials is the only UK Government cyber certification created for SME’s to reduce their risk to the most common cyber-attacks. Achieving the certification presents your alignment with the five main Technical Security Controls which show that your business is safe and secure. Cyber Essentials are the standard to compare the current condition of your cybersecurity against. The goal is to reach the standard Cyber Essentials and once this is done you achieve the Cyber Essentials certification. Then your organisation will have reduced its cyber threats more effectively.

Cybercriminals look to exploit any vulnerability to generate income. Cyber Essentials is here to protect you.

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- The only Government-backed UK cybersecurity standard.
- Save time, money, and resources.
- Being certified is a minimum requirement for any organisation looking to obtain
- Government contracts.
- The certification shows you care about protecting data.
- It builds trust with your suppliers and customers.

How many certifications are there?

There are two certifications: one for Cyber Essentials and one for Cyber Essentials Plus. Both are achieved differently, and both respectively have their benefits for your organisation. To gain a better understanding of which certification you need for your organisation, it is important to understand the difference between the certifications.

Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is a ‘DIY’ certification. It can be completed by your organisation’s own IT department or a certified, external third party if you do not have the capacity or technical expertise in-house. Your organisation completes a self-assessment questionnaire, and the responses are then independently reviewed by an external certifying body. This certification shows your clients and customers that you care immensely about your cybersecurity.

Cyber Essentials Plus

Cyber Essentials Plus requires the use of an external certifying body to pursue the system tests rather than the ‘DIY’ nature of Cyber Essentials. Cyber Essentials Plus shows you are doing absolutely everything in your power to protect their data and this is verified by an external ‘auditor’.
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Cyber Essentials Self Assessment

The basic self-assessment can be taken by your own organisation’s IT department but your answers won’t be reviewed by us before submission.

£299.99 /per year

Cyber Essentials Pre-Assessment

Achieve Cyber Essentials with assistance from your personal Account Manager whilst also ensuring your business is compliant with GDPR.

£799.99 /per year

£74.99 /per month

Cyber Essentials Plus

Achieve Cyber Essentials Plus with assistance from your personal Account Manager.

£1199.99 /per year

£119.99 /per month

Cyber Essentials Guided Assessment

Your assessment answers will be reviewed by your Account Manager so you can remediate any issues and make sure you pass the first time.

£449.99 /per year

£42.99 /per month

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