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Built For Success

An online learning management system for your teams to learn in one convenient place. A collection of ready-made courses that cover soft skills your teams require for success at work. Start training your teams today!

Prevent cyber-attacks by training your teams to be cyber savvy with our cyber security course.

Build a smarter organisation with the training platform designed to help great teams grow

Easy to learn. Easy to use. Easy to like.


Short Course:

Each course is made up of mini-lesson videos between 2-3 minutes each. Grouping information like this reduces cognitive load and users are more likely to complete training, enjoy it, and use it.

Stories that enable learning:

Stories are one of the best ways to store information. Each course is built around memorable context meaning your users will not forget them.

Written by experts:

Each topic is heavily researched using information from subject matter experts. Senior instructional designers review each course to ensure that the intended skills and knowledge are transferred to the users.

Lovable characters:

10 unique characters who take on a variety of roles who your users will instantly like.
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1 - 499 Employees

£ 1.00 / 10.00

  • Per Month / per Year
  • Please note the price is per user.

500 - 999 Employees

£ 0.90 / 9.00

  • Per Month / Per Year
  • Please note the price is per user.

Over 1000 Employees

£ 0.80 / 8.00

  • Per Month / per Year
  • Please note the price is per user.

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of employees who have not received training in the last 12 months say they want soft skills training.


of employees categorise themselves as visual learners.


of employees that have received soft skills training say they have no plans to leave their employer.


of employees who have received soft skills training in the last 12 months have also been promoted in their company.