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Environmental Sensors & Smart Cameras

Meraki IoT

Your Spaces, Just Smarter

The Meraki MT Sensors intelligently monitor any environment to help build a smart, more sustainable future. IoT sensors transform your organization, sensors range from temperature monitoring to intrusion detection, they provide incredible insights into any spaces this helps potentially avoid costly disruptions.

Prepare your business for the unseen challenges of tomorrow with some environmentally data-driven insights and complete the picture with the Meraki Smart camera. Both devices provide unmatched visibility and control.

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Smart Sensors. Smart Business.

Cloud managed cameras that are equipped with an industry-leading processor, and have a 4MP sensor for recording in up to 1080P. The processor powers advanced analytics capabilities that previously required specialized software and heavy-duty hardware.


  • Safety and security: Associate video and access events to increase security, manage access with license plate recognition. Detect suspicious retail point-of-sale transactions.
  • Location analytics: Understand crowd behaviour to improve customer experience, optimize marketing layouts, merchandising and more. Monitor visitor traffic and set threshold alerts.
  • Smart building automation: Manage desk and room booking for workplace efficiency. Automate cleaning compliance in shared spaces. Plan your workspace allocation strategy with data.
Automate and transform your organization with environmental monitoring and data-driven insights. MT sensors automatically connect to the Meraki dashboard via MR and MV gateways, making it effortless to provision thousands of sensors in a short amount of time.


  • Environmental Monitoring: Monitor your spaces to protect people and business assets
  • Smart Connectivity: Automatic and wireless connectivity to MR/MV gateways.
  • Built-in cybersecurity: Encryption and authentication with Cisco Trust Anchor technology.
  • Real-time alerts: Flexible alerting options keep you informed anytime, anywhere.

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