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Cloud-Based Email Security


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Email security has evolved

Email is the most used application by both organisation’s and cybercriminals, enabling malware delivery, phishing, impersonation attacks, and the spread of internal cyber threats to your organisation. Methods of attack are changing rapidly and growing to be more sophisticated, targeted, and dangerous.

Mimecast email security is a comprehensive cloud-based email security and compliance solution. Their extensible mail transfer agent (MTA) with its multiple layers of malware and spam protection acts as your email secure ground in the cloud, blocking known and emerging email threats before they reach your network.

Mimecast is dealing with email security challenges of today at industry scale with Email Security 3.0. The technology is built with a premeditated and scalable design that benefits you to achieve greater security whilst reducing cost and intricacy.

Mimecast’s Email Security Approach


Zone 1 – At your Email Perimeter

Attackers are sending SPAM and viruses in emails and embedding URLs into them to attempt phishing and spear-phishing attacks. They can also introduce types of malware that organisations are unable to detect with signatures and classic antivirus technologies. Securing email is one of the most important steps an organisation should take to reduce risk and keep disruption to a minimum.

Zone 2 – Inside your Network & Organisation

Even if you have a strong email security perimeter in place attackers can sidestep defences and work inside your network. They can do this by using adjusting accounts or social engineering to send awful things inside and out. Employees can be encouraged to clicking on links, opening attachments, and even falling for scams. Human error can be a factor in the most successful attacks.

Zone 3 – Beyond your Perimeter

It is quite easy for attackers to impersonate a company’s brand on the internet, without challenging an organisations email security perimeter. Attackers can register a similar brand domain or host a website designed to trick customers, employees and partners. Ultimately this can shatter the value and trust built within the brand which may have taken years to build.
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