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Next Generation SOC-as-a-Service

Advanced Security Solution
for Today’s Cyber Threats

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Yesterday’s security, todays cyber threats

Yesterday’s security is no match for the evolving threats and attack methods used by today’s cybercriminals. Our fully managed SOC-as-a-service solution leverages the power of people, processes and technology to quickly detect and remediate threats or breach events, thereby ensuring a more preventative approach to cybersecurity.

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Take advantage of our team of seasoned cybersecurity professionals and expert analysts to empower your business to overcome today’s top cybersecurity challenges and implement a more proactive and preventative approach to protecting your business.

SOC Key Features

A comprehensive set of features allowing you to focus on your business whilst our Security Experts ensure you have the most advanced protection.

SIEMless Log Monitoring

Monitor, search, alert, and report on the 3 attack pillars: Network, cloud and endpoint log data spanning

Threat Intelligence & Hunting

Real-time threat intelligence monitoring

Breach Detection

Detects adversaries that evade traditional cyber defenses

Intrusion Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of malicious and suspicious activity

NextGen Malware

Use your own malware prevention or leverage our command-and-control app for Microsoft Defender

PSA Ticketing

Our SOC analysts investigate each alert, triaging the data with a remedy