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Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams is a business application that makes communication, collaboration and customisation easy. You can use it to host private and team chats, video calls and web conferences. You can use it to share and access documents whenever you are working in a team, and you can use it to access and work on non-Microsoft applications.

Online Meetings allow you to meet in confidence, whether that be on your desktop computer, mobile, or tablet device.

Why Microsoft Teams?


Access from anywhere

You can access Teams on any device that has an internet connection, and in any location. Get connected on the go!

Reliable Security

All of the data you store in Teams is hosted by Microsoft’s secure data Centre’s in the UK. It uses encryption, MFA, and customizable controls.

Effective Communication

Microsoft Teams allows group and private messaging with threaded conversations. Users can create different channels to organize their communication by topic. The real-time chat function allows you to store brainstorming sessions, conference calls, and other meetings into one, easy-to-find place.

Smooth working between applications

Teams have easy access to Microsoft and third-party apps; you can get lots done from a single dashboard. Collaboration has just been made simpler.

Enhanced Productivity

Teams allow you to access information that is needed from one location, with files and folders in a specific place. Files can be uploaded easily, and meetings and chats can be done on the same platform. Which helps save time and effort increase productivity levels.

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Video conferencing allows personalized meetings and encourages teamwork. Microsoft Teams can help you achieve more together, from wherever you are in the world.

  • Increase your productivity and work together in real-time with your favorite Office apps, meetings, screen sharing, and digital whiteboarding.
  • Conduct virtual meetings, whether you are calling one-to-one, delivering a sales pitch, or running team training.
  • Host secure online meetings.

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