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10 days of Cyber Security

By 9th November 2015Italik News

Italik today launches its 10 days of Cyber Security.

Recent high-profile, global cyber incidents such as the recent attack on TalkTalk and the attack on Sony Pictures which resulted in the leaking of sensitive data as well as a number of the studio’s unreleased films have made big headlines.  Attacks closer to home might not make the news but nevertheless are hugely damaging, both to the UK economy and individual businesses.

The BIS 2014 Information Security Breaches Survey reported that 81% of organisations had experienced a security breach of some sort. This costs each organisation between  £600,000-£1.5million.

According to the report “10 Steps to Cyber Security” re-issued this year by GCHQ, the responsibility to manage your organisation’s cyber risks starts and stops at board level. Basic information risk management can stop up to 80% of the cyber-attacks seen today. However, experience suggests that few organisations get this right

However, only 25% of directors are actively involved in reviewing security and privacy risks. (PwC 2015 Global State of Information Security Survey).  Over the next 10 working days, Italik will focus on one of the 10 key areas of Cyber Security.  If you’d like to find out more about how we could help improve your Cyber Security or for more information contact us.


10 Steps to Cyber Risk Management

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