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Cyber Security Day #10 Home and Mobile Working

By 25th November 2015Italik News


How secure is your data when you have employees working from home or remotely?

Mobile working offers great business benefit but exposes the organisation to risks that will be challenging to manage. Mobile working extends the corporate security boundary to the user’s location. It is advisable for organisations to establish risk-based policies and procedures that cover all types of mobile devices and flexible working if they are to effectively manage the risks. Organisations should also plan for an increase in the number of security incidents and have a strategy in place to manage the loss or compromise of personal and commercially sensitive information and any legal, regulatory or reputational impact that may result.

Italik delivers secure remote access and authentication systems:

  • Secure remote access solutions
  • Encrypting data whilst remote, on laptops, tablets and mobile phones
  • Mobile Device Management – remote control of devices
  • Cloud Data Encryption – protect your data stored in the cloud

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