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Five Easy Ways to Use Copilot

Stick to the important stuff. Let Copilot help with the rest.

In the dynamic world of business, time is of the essence. We’re constantly juggling multiple tasks, attending meetings, drafting documents, and sifting through emails for crucial information. What if there was a way to streamline these processes, allowing us to focus on what truly matters? Enter Microsoft Copilot—a revolutionary tool designed to work alongside you, tackling the tedious and repetitive tasks so you can achieve your goals faster and easier.

How Microsoft Copilot Can Transform Your Workflow

1. Catch up on Teams meetings you missed in a fraction of the time

Ever found yourself running behind for a Teams meeting? With Copilot, getting up to speed is a breeze. Simply ask Copilot to provide a recap of the meeting so far or inquire if you’ve been mentioned. It’s like having a personal assistant for your virtual meetings, ensuring you never miss a beat. Watch our tutorial to see how it works in Teams.

2. Jumpstart the creative process of drafting a Word document

Starting a new document can be daunting, but with Copilot, you’ll never face a blank page again. Ask it to create a first draft based on your prompt, whether it’s an 800-word blog or a proposal for a new business partner. You can even refine language, expand on points, or check for inconsistencies. Watch our tutorial to see how it works in Word.

3. Quickly summarize a long email thread in Outlook

Say goodbye to digging through endless email chains. Copilot can summarize lengthy threads into concise points, saving you valuable time. Just click ‘Summary by Copilot’ in Outlook, and it will do the rest. From there, you can turn the summary into bulleted lists, email drafts, and more. Watch our tutorial to see how it works in Outlook.

4. Transform a document into a PowerPoint presentation

Need to create a presentation in a snap? Copilot has you covered. It can transform written documents into captivating slide decks, complete with speaker notes and sources. Alternatively, you can start a new presentation from a simple prompt or outline. Customize your presentation by asking it to adjust colors, fonts, or images. Watch our tutorial to see how it works in PowerPoint.

5. Collate information and insights across your content using Microsoft Copilot

Copilot isn’t just limited to individual tasks—it can comb through your entire universe of data. From emails to meetings to documents, It connects the dots across all your content. Need to compare two products or explain a complex concept? Simply enter your prompt, and it will deliver the information you need. Visit the Copilot Lab for a collection of prompts to try and share.

Learn more features and benefits here.

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