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Cyber attacks seem to be making the news every day, but how many organisations really understand what this means to them, or what they can do to avoid being another disturbing statistic?

Whilst small businesses suffer most as a result of cyber attacks, there’s no such thing as an un-breached business. So, we’re inviting organisations in the North West to the Imperial War Museum, Manchester, to talk about the true risks and how Security First can help.

We chose the Imperial War Museum because it’s a sobering reminder of past global conflicts. According to PwC, a cyber attack is now considered the greatest threat to organisations worldwide and it’s accepted that an attack by a ‘State Player’ represents the next most likely global conflict. So, it’s fitting that we should focus on the next global threat where we can experience the outcome of past conflicts.

2/3’s of small to medium businesses who suffer from a cyber attack fail within 6 months and, with SMB’s making up 99% of the business landscape, that means that most UK companies face this risk. Lloyds of London estimate that the annual global cost of cyber attacks is nearly £100 bn and PwC set the average cost to organisations at £875,000, which helps to explain why so many SMB’s fail following an attack. But, with a bit of good old Dunkirk spirit, we’ll show how a fear of cyber attacks shouldn’t constrain your business ambitions.

Italik’s CTO, Steve Pilkington, will start the debate by setting out the principles behind Security First. He addresses the cost of security and why investment in the right technology actually delivers stronger business growth. And he’ll highlight why people are so critical to your businesses well being – ‘Careless Talk’ may not cost lives today, but most cyber attacks result from the actions of staff members.

Our technology partners from Cisco will describe the Threat Landscape and how to defend against it, how the right IT solutions can protect us and help keep us safe and secure. As a leading global influence, they’ll bring an insight from the global stage.

We’ll show you the importance of insight, demonstrating how Italik’s assessment portfolio gives you that essential intelligence to plan your defences, with assessment partner, HyTrust, talking about Data Discovery – the need to understand where your data sits and who has access. We’re giving a free assessment to every attendee in Manchester, so you can start to assess where your risks are.

Following on the Dunkirk theme, Winston Churchill famously pronounced ‘We shall never surrender’ and our partners from Qualys take this theme up, showing us how to stay safe and secure in a world of digital threats.

We wind the day up with Italik presenting how Security First can support your digital journey, keeping you safe, improving performance and helping to build sustainable growth!

After our Security First briefing, we’ve arranged for you to tour the Museum, so you can reflect on historic conflicts and ponder how to make sure we don’t repeat past mistakes.

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What Next?

If you’d like to find out more, please visit our website where you can register your interest in a Cyber Security Health Check.

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