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An increase in cloud-based services has led to a greater need for more security tools. ARGOS is a SaaS that detects and remediates misconfigurations of cloud assets within minutes. These misconfigurations can happen for various reasons. Not to mention Argos only takes minutes to configure – It saves your teams time by automatically investigating every detection. What can easily take a person hours, Argos can do in seconds.

ARGOS monitors all your cloud providers around the clock, and delivers a complete, real-time view of your cloud security posture in a single pane. CSPM, CASM and CIEM in one product. Taking your business from zero to secure within minutes.

Cloud security requires everyone to come to the party. We believe Cloud security is such a big challenge because of the many, constant changes the Cloud Providers introduce and organisations are trying to play catch up while also aiming to build a robust cloud platform. Give us a call 01937 848 380 or drop an email at [email protected].

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