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Italik works with Yorkshire Water to develop YorSurv app

By 16th June 2015July 16th, 2015Italik News

Yorkshire Water in partnership with Italik Ltd. Has today announced the launch of YorSurv, a joint app development initiative.

YorSurv is an app that provides surveyors within Yorkshire Water, and its partners, with the ability to develop and complete a wide range of onsite surveys, and process and report on the information collected.

Traditionally surveys have always been completed using a range of excel spread sheets, digital photos and hand written notes. Converting this data into a useable format can be a time consuming and inaccurate process.  The new YorSurv app presents significant opportunities for cost efficiencies and quality improvements.

YorSurv gives surveyors the ability to save time by completing their site surveys on an iPad. The whole work package can be downloaded and completed on site, and has been designed to work efficiently both online and offline.

The key benefits of YorSurv for onsite surveys are

  • Replaces spreadsheets, digital photos and hand written notes
  • Complete surveys on an iPad
  • All information gathering and recording can be completed on site

As Sales Director, Jon Munro commented “We are delighted to be working with Yorkshire Water on this app development project, and are looking forward to further developing its use across the partners”.

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