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The cyber security of any organisation can only ever be as strong as its weakest link. The biggest vulnerabilities of a system are not necessarily found within hardware or software, but rather with the people who use it.

So how can we ensure our staff don’t unwittingly let cyber criminals in?

To train a large number of employees can be expensive and very time consuming.  You will need to deliver training that helps to change staff awareness and behaviour but that is also cost effective too.

Italik has developed an online cyber security training system that can help to ensure your staff are aware of how they can prevent cyber-attacks.

From only £10 per user per year, for 7 core training modules (that will be updated on a regular basis) plus a small set up fee, this is an extremely cost effective solution.

We are running some short (30 min) webinars to give an overview of our online cyber security training system.  We will show you how easy it is to educate your staff and strengthen your defences against cyber-crime.

Book by clicking the links below:

14th February 10.00am BOOK YOUR PLACE

1st March 2.00pm BOOK YOUR PLACE

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