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The last few years have given many organisations tonnes of challenges and obstacles. From workforces remotely working to organisations shifting their businesses online. If we have learnt anything from this, it is to be prepared for anything. Change is inevitable.

During the pandemic, cybercrime increased by 600%, and the total cost of all cybercrime damages in 2021 alone is expected to amount to almost $6 trillion (£5 trillion in GBP) worldwide. According to IBM research, it usually takes businesses up to 280 days to find and contain a cyber-attack. With everything moving online, the worldwide cloud revenue grew by over 20% within the cloud.

This article will provide you with the right tools to keep your cloud secure, discussing some of the Gartner acronyms many people talk about in relation to public cloud security, such as CPSM, CASM, CIEM, and CNAPP.


Cloud Security Posture Management is probably the most known and used acronym.


Cloud Attack Surface Management is the continuous discovery of attack vectors in an organisation’s cloud environment.


Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (this is very different to SIEM) is a new product category that analyses the permissions/entitlements that have been applied to cloud-based systems, services, or users.


Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform is a recent addition to the world of cloud security products as well. Organisations realise that CSPMs and other products like CWPP (Cloud Workload Protection Platform) are too narrowly focused and have not managed to substantially improve the organisation’s cloud security posture.

For more information about CSPM, CASM, CIEM, CNAPP, click here: How to make sense of CSPM, CASM, CIEM, CNAPP | ARGOS Cloud Security (


Finding a product that meets all these requirements would be costly and time-consuming. Imagine a product which offers all the features and covers each area. Granting you all the context on alert and the detection that you and your workforce need.

Cloud security requires everyone to come to the party. We believe Cloud security is such a big challenge because of the many constant changes the Cloud Providers introduce, and organisations are trying to play catch up while also aiming to build a robust cloud platform.

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