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If you are already using Microsoft Teams within your workplace or looking at getting started with it, here are some common Q and A’s which may help you and your organisation.

Q) Can the “General” channel be renamed?

No, unfortunately, the General channel is always present in each Team and as of now, cannot be renamed.

Q) Can you integrate other programs?

Yes, you can certainly add programs using the apps feature. There are so many useful apps to help you with productivity.

Q) How can I add a calendar to the left-hand side of my Teams interface? Does it synchronize with my company Outlook calendar?

You can pin apps, such as your personal (synchronized) Outlook calendar, to the Teams sidebar by clicking the 3 dots in the sidebar and then selecting the desired app from the list of available ones. The calendar is fully synchronized with the Outlook calendar (but note that additional calendars that you have in Outlook will not appear in Teams).

But there is another way around this. You can also unpin an app from the sidebar by right-clicking on the app and selecting ‘Unpin’. To reorder the apps in the sidebar, you can simply select an app in the sidebar by left-clicking in and then dragging it to the desired location.

Q) I am a MacBook Air user. The Microsoft Teams Calendar connected to Outlook calendar: is this also possible with iCal?

The Microsoft Teams calendar matches your calendar on your Office 365 user account. If you are already syncing your Office 365 calendar in iCal, then yes, the calendar you see in iCal will match the calendar you see in Microsoft Teams.

Q) Can I create a private channel?

Yes, sometimes you may want a private channel for which you invite only certain people. Such a channel is only visible to those people. To set this up, click the More Options button for your team, and select the option to Add Channel. Name the channel. Under Privacy, change the setting to Private, and invite the members.

Q) What happens if we delete chat messages? Can we get them back as we have a policy to keep all data for 7 years?

You can set a retention policy in the Compliance centre to retain Team’s channel messages and Teams chats for 7 years even if a user deletes a message. These can then be recovered in the eDiscovery tools.

Q) Why should anyone move from Skype For Business to Teams? How do I make this migration?

As more and more people collaborate in various organisations, Microsoft has several reasons to easily integrate various communication features into Microsoft Teams to allow users to have a single platform for conversations, contacts, and content. Also, Teams makes it possible to make the most of the modern cloud infrastructure as well as creating new experiences for meetings and calling which include preparation, delivery as well as follow-up.

You can take advantage of this user-friendly insightful success framework to help you make the most of your migration to Microsoft Teams.

Q) Which browsers are supported?

The Microsoft Teams app works in the following desktop browsers:

· Internet Explorer 11

· Microsoft Edge

· The latest version of Chrome

· The latest version of Firefox

· Safari is not currently supported

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