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Here Jonathan has been deploying Azure VMs and time doesn’t appear to be on his side!

So you’ve created your Azure VM, it’s easy right. Well, setting the timezone should be easy also with the standard Microsoft date and time app. You would think that, but for some reason, it sometimes doesn’t retain the date and time settings!

UTC is the default, and it’s known that resetting this in the GUI doesn’t always want to stay set, and defaults back to UTC.

There is a simple way to set this permanently involving PowerShell.

You may want to set this to a specific timezone, depending on where the VM is being deployed and used, if you want GMT, skip to the second instruction.

From PowerShell you can easily find the Timezones you need with:

Get-TimeZone -ListAvailable


From this list, you need the name of the required timezone in the correct format.

To set the Timezone in Powershell, run the following:

Set-TimeZone -Id {TimeZone}


Setting to GMT would be:

 Set-TimeZone -Id "GMT Standard Time"


Voila, it will stay set now.

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